Kibworth Harcourt Windmill Restoration

Kibworth Windmill, 2010

Kibworth Harcourt Windmill Restoration latest. It is now six months since work started to repair the Windmill.

Most of the heavy work at the base has been completed. The main structure (the buck) had to be raised on a specially built metal structure in order to release the pressure at the base.

Now this work has been completed, the buck has been lowered to its original position. The new steps have been placed in position.

Kibworth Windmill Restoration latest, photo of new steps.
New Steps at the Windmill

The new roof has been fitted. Work has started on the external weather boarding. With scaffolding in place, a dendrochronological survey has been carried out. This is to establish the age of parts of the structure that are not normally accessible. We still await results from the laboratory. The next stage is to renovate the interior mechanisms of the mill.

Further Information

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David Holmes