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Community Defibrillators

17th February 2024 | Health

Defibrillators are devices that carry an electrical charge which can be used safely to correct potentially fatal heart rhythms. We see easily portable ones around our communities these days for example in old Telephone Boxes. They are checked and kept ready charged, often by appointees from our parish councils. Most potentially fatal heart rhythms are caused by Coronary Thromboses often called Heart attacks. To use Defibrillators successfully a knowledge of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation [CPR] is essential.

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Look After Your Mind - The Play's the Thing

20th January 2024 | Health

Not long ago I was sitting outside a café with my wife enjoying a coffee. Nearby was a young mum with her little boy, who was about four or five years old. He was playing a game of rushing up to his mother with a menu and asking her what she’d like to order. She’d examine the menu, pick something, and the boy would run to the building next door, pause and then run back and hand mum the pretend item. Then the whole cycle would start again. The child was totally engrossed in his game and, to her credit, his mother joined in patiently.

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Defibrillator Training

18th December 2023 | Community, Health

Juliet Burgess-Ray, from East Midlands Army Responders, gave a very helpful, hands-on defibrillator training session in Church Langton on 9 October. Local residents attended and were shown how to access the defibrillator, what equipment is inside and how to use it. The session also included using a dummy to practice CPR. All agreed it was a very useful two hours and should be offered more widely. Especially as it is applicable for all types of defibrillator.

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Why wait until the New Year?

18th December 2023 | Health

’New year, new me.' We hear this a lot but is it really true? Why wait until the New Year to start a fitness routine? Why do people get more motivated to invest in their health and fitness just because it’s January -- the truth -- they don’t!

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