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Smeeton Westerby Rectory – Revisited

20th September 2023 | People

In June I submitted an article to the Chronicle regarding Smeeton Westerby rectory and its residents. Since then I have acquired a letter, dated 22 July 1902, sent to the Rev Sale at the Rectory from the Rev Ambrose Pudsey Dawson, who was the last of the clerical heads and remained as headmaster of Kibworth Grammar School. His term of office was from 1889 until he resigned in 1906, in order to move to the village of Harston, which is close to Belvoir Castle. During his time in Kibworth he lived in School House and it is from here that this letter is written. A copy of it is shown here but due to its poor condition I decided to transcribe the handwritten message for additional clarity

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Twenty Years of Tim

22nd May 2023 | People

Last month Tim Cole, director of Edmonds & Slatter Opticians, celebrated 20 years as part of the Leicestershire based independent opticians. Tim Cole was presented with a golden bottle of champagne by co-director Saagar Hirani for his 20 years as part of the company. It also co-incidentally marks 40 years within the optical industry.

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Earl Spencer in mourning

24th April 2023 | Obituaries, People

On 22 March, Captain Hon. George Cecil Robert Maurice Spencer (known as ‘Bobby’) passed away in Trustbridge Hospice, West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 90. He was a 1st cousin of Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer, father of Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles the 9th Earl of Althorp.

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Duggie's Ramblings

Duggie's Ramblings - January 2023

23rd January 2023 | Letters, People

This year 2023, there is a Diamond Jubilee celebration-in June (early notification!) What is the reason? It is the 75th anniversary of the first arrival of the Windrush generation from the West Indies; so named because the first newcomers travelled to the United Kingdom by sea aboard HMT (His Majesty's Transport) Windrush; they were invited to come and settle, by the then Labour government, for there were many employment vacancies. The year was 1948; they continued to come under this government scheme until 1951. To meet the requirements of the post war recovery, particularly, the needs of the newly created NHS adults and children travelled on one passport. The Second World War in Europe had only ended in May 1945.

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