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Janet’s Love of family history

19th September 2022 | Community, People

Kibworth resident Janet Davis is passionate about family history and sharing her research experience. Her love affair with her family’s past began 25 years ago, when she recalled that her Nan remembered having had a brother. Her Nan was born in a workhouse, where she was left orphaned. Years later, Janet delved into the mystery and established that there had indeed been a brother.

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Roy Bills

19th September 2022 | People

On 26 June, a special service was held at Kibworth Methodist Church to celebrate Roy Bills’ 70 years’ service as a Methodist Local Preacher. Although Roy, aged 93, recently stepped down from leading services, he is still an active and much-loved member of Kibworth Church.

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Family History Help

19th September 2022 | People

My wife was born a Carter and I have traced back her family tree to the marriage of one William Carter to a widow, Jane Beasley (nee Webster) in St Wilfrid’s Church, Kibworth on 27 November 1797. 

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New tresurer for the Kibworth Grammar School Hall Committee

4th July 2022 | Clubs and Societies, Community, People

The trustees are pleased to announce that we finally have a treasurer to join us on the committee of KGSH. Welcome Geraldine Burns who has lived in the village for a couple of years now and is keen to become more involved in village life.  Geraldine will be co-opted as a trustee at a special meeting. We are sure that she will be a great asset to our team.  Whilst the hall is busy, we still have some slots available. Kelly, our Hall Officer, is ready to take your call on 0116 2796389, whether it is for an exercise class or some other event or function.

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Alonzo Freeland in Kibworth

27th June 2022 | People

Contrary to your report, the 1891 census does not show that the chemist’s shop on Station Street was owned and run by Alonso Freeland. His wife, Mary, and daughters Mabel and Cecilia, appear, but Alonzo (note the z) does not. He was away from Kibworth on census day (April 5th) because he had returned to Sussex to attend his father’s funeral. There’s also no mention of chemist on the Freeland entry; it’s not until the 1901 census that Alonzo appears as a chemist in Kibworth. 

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A Ballad of Bakehouse Yard

18th April 2022 | Community, People

Look at most Kibworth street maps,
look carefully, search hard.
You’ll find School Road and High Street
but wither Bakehouse Yard?
Where Callaghans did bakery,
and Tomlinsons cut hair,
the ladies’ broken biscuit shop
a D.I.Y. It’s there!
Just opposite the chapel
you’d find him, oft with hat,
maybe some tidying, gardening,
perusing this and that.
The weather didn’t matter -
in sun. in rain, hot, cold
He’d time to chat with passersby,
the young. middle-aged, the old.
You knew when Thursdays came
because you’d hear the trundling sound
of wheelies being put in place
for Friday morning’s round.
A pair of hands that could fix faults,
repair or fill a hole,
would also travel Desborough way
a game or more to bowl.
Once at the Kibworth Gas Works,
once in the Kibworth Band,
with Harborough Council planners
not afraid to make a stand.
My word, he knew his Kibworth
both history and myth.
Please God, into your loving arms
The no- show Roland Smith.

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The Legend of St Wistan!

5th April 2022 | Community, People

There's an old legend told that Wistan was the son of Wigmund. He was one of the Anglo-Saxon kings of Mercia. Wistan should have taken over the throne when his father died, but turned it down and asked his mother, Queen Elfleda, to act as regent instead.

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