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Duggie's Ramblings

20th January 2022 | Duggie's Ramblings

Has food and drink been consumed to excess in gatherings at Christmas? Or, has too little been eaten and drunk - is this latter possible at Christmas? For many this midwinter (midwiner?) festival provides a welcome relief from the long nights and short days. The turning of the year and a pretext for a tsunami of food and drink.

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Kibworth Village Hall

29th December 2021 | Community

Kibworth Village Hall Latest News. The Village Hall Committee was proud to open the Hall for the late night shopping event. We would like to thank all of the fantastic stallholders that came to support the event.

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Folkstyle Wrestling in Kibworth

27th December 2021 | Community

My enquiry is about the traditional wrestling tournaments, which, in the first half of 19th century, were usually held at Cross Bank in Kibworth. This was during the ‘Statute Fair’ in October after the harvest. Matches were contested on the erected wooden stage. Participants were locals and included men from the neighbouring villages. The tournament was discontinued after the late 1850s because they thought it was a 'barbarian' custom.

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Canal Cuttings December 2021

27th December 2021 | Local Attractions

After an indifferent summer, September, October and November (to date) have been exceptionally mild and dry, resulting in a welcome extension of the usual visitor season. A lot of boaters use this time to get where they want to be for the winter and Foxton, with its handy services, is a popular spot. Canal & River Trust have some official winter moorings from November to March.

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