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Paper House

26th September 2020 | Business

Paper House opened on 26 August, fresh out of lockdown, at Pennbury Farm, Stretton Road, Great Glen.

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Last Minute Theatre - 20th Birthday

26th September 2020 | Clubs and Societies

In the latter part of 1999, when Kibworth Grammar School Hall was still in its infancy as a proposed Community centre, the Chairman of the Trustees, Robert Edge, asked Richard Green (then Sub Postmaster at Kibworth Post Office), if he would be willing to organise an event to raise funds for the Hall. Richard had been involved in amateur dramatics for nearly 40 years but had not produced or directed for the last 20 of them.

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Litter Blight

26th September 2020 | Community

An aspect of anti-social behaviour is litter. No matter how many bins are provided, and emptied, there seems to be a steady stream of litter being left on streets and the parks.

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Margaret Hallet and Norman Hallett

15th September 2020 | Obituaries

Earlier in the year, I wrote an article for the Kibworth Chronicle to mark Mum and Dad’s platinum wedding anniversary (March edition Issue 420).  A few months later – with great sadness, but gratitude for two long, happy and well-lived lives – I find myself writing their obituaries. 

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Duggie's Ramblings - August

28th August 2020 | Duggie's Ramblings

The invisible have become visible, well for most of us. The refuse collectors, the supermarket staff, the nurses and support staff, even the doctors (not too sure about the doctors who may have a high profile particularly for the vulnerable) and the delivery drivers. Sorry if you have been left out. We have been taking these people for granted for too long. Hopefully, we will be more observant and appreciative of their services.

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August’s Editorial

28th August 2020 | Editorial

Life has seemed rather flat recently. I feel guilty about saying that as there are almost 50,000 people who would love to be here living any sort of life, flat or interesting.

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