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Hazel Baxter

28th January 2023 | Obituaries

Hazel was an avid reader and scholar and an enthusiastic member of the Brownie and Guide movements surrounding her!

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What kind of Community do we want?

28th January 2023 | Community

When I first moved to the village in 1988, a letter appeared in the Chronicle. A lady requested people stop phoning the police when her husband went for a walk. Yes, you’ve guessed, he was British, but not white enough for some. Has Kibworth become better or worse since then in terms of community cohesion?

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Look After Your Mind - Sound Thinking

25th January 2023 | Health

The word meditate comes from the Latin meaning to concentrate or to ponder. One of the most familiar ways to meditate is to concentrate on an object ,often a candle flame, then close your eyes and visualise the same object in your mind.

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The Suzuki Flute Method

25th January 2023 | Business

Charlotte (aged 8) has been coming to flute lessons for two years. She began on a tiny flute with a curved head to help her reach the keys comfortably. Fast forward to today and Charlotte can play more than fifteen classical and folk tunes fluently by ear with a beautiful sound.

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Henry Smith + Hamylton, Market Harborough

25th January 2023 | Business, Health

Having an opening evening on a cold rainy night in mid-November might not seem like the ideal scenario for a successful event. However, the warm glow of our beautiful bow fronted practice defied all odds and the soggy street was soon forgotten.

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Double Outstanding

25th January 2023 | Business, Schools

It's a double outstanding for Kibworth for The Hunny Nurseries! The Hunny Bee in Kibworth Paget Street, is the sister setting to The Hunny Hive Smeeton Road. The Hunny Bee on Paget Street has joined in with celebrations as they were inspected in November and held on to their outstanding grading!

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The Well, Kibworth

The Well

24th January 2023 | Charity

Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope that you all had a nice Christmas.  If like many you were afflicted by one of the many bugs doing the rounds over the last few weeks, or are currently suffering, we hope that you feel better soon.

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