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Editorial May 23

22nd May 2023 | Editorial

Did you watch the coronation of King Charles the third? The comments of those who did were interesting. Some were reflections on those closely involved ; others on the traditional aspects of the service plus the deliberate inclusivity of all faiths; and yet more comments were about the whole spectacle of organising such a huge event.

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24th April 2023 | Editorial

social media, friendship dramas and exam stress. All fall under the umbrella we call growing up”, except it's a thunderstorm, the umbrella has turned inside out and we’re pretty sure it's about to get struck by lightning.

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20th March 2023 | Editorial

Many years ago when my partner and I decided to move to South Leicestershire , after living for ten years on the edge of a large city, we faced a number of challenges.

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February 2023 Editorial

20th February 2023 | Editorial

I mislaid my mobile phone the other day. As I had switched it off, while in a meeting, I could not ring it on the landline to trace it. I gave up looking and went out to do some gardening. The day was fine after an early frost, and forking away, I felt invigorated and pleased with myself. Back indoors, later, for a coffee I listened to Radio 4 and caught one of my favourite programmes , Just One Thing,” presented by Dr Michael Moseley. His latest offer for our consideration was entitled Put your phone down. How apt and how informative.

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Editorial Dec 22

19th December 2022 | Editorial

Now this is a short one! Our contributors have been so busy that we received a record number of articles this month thus no room! No room to thank sincerely the wider Kibworth & District Chronicle team: contributors, editorial, advertising, prDescription: Editorialinting, lay up, online, distribution and readers “Who have I missed out?” (A line you never want to hear Santa say) But what he does say as he eats yet another mince pie is,  “Have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.” Cheers!

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October 2022 Editorial

16th October 2022 | Editorial

When I was asked to write this month’s editorial, I was also requested to be brief as we had lots of copy. Well done contributors! You have been busy.

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Editorial - May 2022

23rd May 2022 | Editorial

It wasn’t till the Boeing 777 put its nose into the air and reached for the clouds, that I believed that I was actually off to see son number two and family in Australia. So many Covid hoops had been crawled through. You do not jump at my age—that I was convinced I would never get there. Coming back five weeks later, things were much more relaxed. The faces of many travellers were visible for a start.

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