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Thank you Jean

19th October 2020 | Editorial

After thirty years of being an important player in the Kibworth & District Chronicle team, Jean Emeny has decided to retire.

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September’s Editorial

1st October 2020 | Editorial

The Kibworth Chronicle is back in print! It is great to visualise people’s pleasure when they see the Chronicle come through their letter box once more. We have had emails and phone calls of thanks from some already.

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August’s Editorial

28th August 2020 | Editorial

Life has seemed rather flat recently. I feel guilty about saying that as there are almost 50,000 people who would love to be here living any sort of life, flat or interesting.

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Financial Help from The Kibworth & District Chronicle

19th July 2020 | Community, Coronavirus, Editorial

Like most societies, councils, community forums and groups of friends, The Kibworth & District Chronicle Management Committee has been holding its meetings online. Zoom, Google and Microsoft have really been helping with communication though most of us would really like to go back to face to face I suspect. Some of those meetings will have been to discuss finances and perhaps lack of funds for day to day running or future projects.

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Editorial for July

15th July 2020 | Editorial

A somewhat late editorial as we are halfway through July, and the schools are closed, or rather home schooling has ceased for many. Do I hear a parental sign of relief?

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Our Thanks to Sue Buchanan

2nd July 2020 | Editorial

Sue Buchanan has been organising the distribution of the Kibworth & District Chronicle to 5,000 homes in villages around Kibworth for almost eight years. Each month Sue has checked the availability of volunteers and arranged cover if any are unwell or on holiday.

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Looking to the Future

26th June 2020 | Editorial

‘A voluntary community newspaper for the Kibworth area.’ The very first issue of the Chronicle in April 1978 bore those words underneath the mast head. For 42 years our aim has remained the same. Community and volunteers are what the Chronicle is all about.

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