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Action Fraud

27th December 2021 | Community, News

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) is the single most important thing you can do to improve the security of your online accounts.

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Skegness Pier

20th December 2021 | News

On 21 July 1924 at 7.46pm a postcard was sent by holidaymakers, who were staying at Byron House, Skegness. It was sent to a Mrs Simpson living in the Leicestershire village of Tur Langton, quoting minimal address details.

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Good news for Christmas – What COP26 Achieved

20th December 2021 | Community, News

The good news about COP26 is that we’re on the way to reaching a safer limit to global warming. We still need to speed up and give far more help to the poorer nations suffering the worst effects of climate change and the pandemic. So not exactly a COP out! The countries have agreed to meet again next year in Egypt to get closer to the target temperature. 

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Blowing their trumpets

15th August 2021 | Churches, News

Kate (Miller) Sandford and her husband Julian Sandford (pictured on the right) are both State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry and took part, with colleagues at the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral service at Windsor. Kate was born and brought up in Slawston and four generations of her family currently live and farm there.

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Kibworth Village Hall Playgroup

15th August 2021 | Business, News, People

This week the children of the Kibworth Village Hall Playgroup have really enjoyed learning all about dentists and good dental hygiene. With help from ODental Clinic in Kibworth, we created a dentist’s tray with lots of models, teeth to clean, and demonstrations for all our children. 

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