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Nature Note - Waxwing Encounters

20th January 2024 | News

Waxwings have featured in a previous Nature Note. From time to time a successful breeding season coincides with a poor crop of seeds and berries. The consequence is that large numbers of birds leave their forests in northern Europe and head south to seek food in non-traditional areas. If such an irruption occurs at the same time as a period of easterly winds, large numbers of birds reach the UK. These become known as ‘Waxwing Winters’ and following a gap of several years 2023-2024 is such a winter.

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What's going on? January 2024

19th January 2024 | Community, News

Going Live
Crossing the ‘Tin Bridge' the electrification of the Midland Main Line from Kettering to South Wigston is getting closer to completion. Soon the installation of the sections of the pedestrian bridge will be installed - timetabled to be in March- however new signage has now appeared on the Tin Bridge warning everyone that the wires are now live.

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NHS statement - November 2023

11th December 2023 | News

Patients are playing a more active role in managing their health and care. The drive to improve patient empowerment has been gaining momentum in recent times and providing visibility of their health information is a part of this movement.

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Kibworth Harcourt Post Mill Update

20th November 2023 | News

Local volunteers met with representatives from the mill owners (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings), Historic England and two experienced millers to work through the snagging list, following completion of the extensive repairs completed last year.

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Common Darter

Nature Note

18th September 2023 | News

Many British dragonflies have names that remind us that they are fearsome predators of other insects. Most that can be found in our area are either: Chasers, Darters or Hawkers.

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Foxton Locks

Canal Cuttings

26th June 2023 | News

The boating season is well under way now. Numbers are still down on past years, when 40 through the locks on a high-season day was not unusual. New boats are still flooding into the system, many of them wide-beam (over 7ft). Although spacious for living on, they can cause problems on our rapidly narrowing canal, vegetation is encroaching on all sides. Meeting one with passenger boat Vagabond (10ft 6”) can be quite interesting.

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Centenary of a Royal Wedding

24th April 2023 | News

One hundred years ago on 23 April 1923 royalty gathered in Westminster Abbey. They came to witness and celebrate the union between HRH Albert 2nd son of King George V and Queen Mary with Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the Earl of Strathmore. The happy couple were later to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth following the abdication of Prince Albert’s elder brother King Edward VIII in 1936.

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