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The Well starts with Lent

16th March 2024 | Charity

As Easter approaches it is timely to remember that Easter is preceded by the period of Lent, a time which played a major part in the establishment of The Well. In 2006 Christians in Kibworth felt called to pray continuously during Lent. They were given a small room in the Grammar School Hall (now known as Kibworth Community Hub) and set up a rota to ensure that prayer continued day and night for the 40 days of Lent. Many people in the wider community took their turn in manning the prayer room where they enjoyed an hour of quiet, and gradually people began writing notes asking for prayer for various situations, including for their family and friends. At the end of Lent there was a real feeling that this temporary prayer space should be replaced by something permanent. This led to two couples buying 45 High Street to become The Well offering not only a room for space, quiet and prayer, but a pre-loved clothing shop and also a café where people could find companionship. And eventually, due to Covid, the foodbank. The Well is a Christian charity but it aims to welcome people of all faiths and none.

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Kibworth Charitable Trust

Kibworth Charitable Trust

17th February 2024 | Charity

The Kibworth Charitable Trust has been going for over ten years now, and we are still helping groups and projects in Kibworth and Smeeton Westerby through grant funding.

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RCC celebrating 100 years

Rural Community Council

17th February 2024 | Charity, Community

In the course of the last century, the RCC has evolved and focuses on many current day issues such as fuel poverty and mental health. As we celebrate a centenary of the charity we are thrilled to announce the Centenary Award 2024 coming in October.

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