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Kibworth Ribbon Cutting

26th September 2021 | Business

Last month local independent Opticians Edmonds and Slatter planned to celebrate its fourth practice. This official opening took place over a year after opening their doors.

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A week of climate action hope and celebration

26th September 2021 | Community

A flash flood in Kibworth and as I write, we’re having a heat wave.  And a public inquiry has just begun into the proposed opening of a deep coal mine in Cumbria that conflicts with the Government’s proposal to reach net carbon by 2050. 

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Duggie's Ramblings

25th September 2021 | Duggie's Ramblings

Is it possible that Michelle Robinson is a name that brings a person to mind? She was born and brought up by her parents, with her brother Craig in the upper storey of great aunt Robbie's house in South Chicago and there she lived with her family throughout her childhood and adolescence. Initially, she shared a room with her brother, a partition alone separated the brother and sister. As they grew into teenagers they were given separate bedrooms. The schools she attended were local, within walking distance.

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