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22nd June 2024 | Editorial

Well we have arrived at our June 2024 issue and a general election early next month!

As voters we look for leadership, boldness, integrity and above all honesty to get our country on track again.

It is interesting to reflect on what was happening in government 80 years ago. Obviously it was a coalition government but we did have leadership and a direction in which we were going!

It is also that time of year where I, as editor would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the production, assembly and delivery of your community newspaper. It is definitely a team effort.

May you all have a wonderful summer - when it arrives!

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Snippets - June 2024

22nd June 2024 | Community

Harold Mann is a deliverer for the Kibworth and District Chronicle. He has been delivering the Chronicle for many years. Today, 20 June, is Harold’s 90th birthday. ‘Happy birthday, Harold’. Is he the eldest deliverer, one wonders?

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