Ongoing digital back catalogue project

This week the digital back catalogue project hit a key milestone. The first 100 editions of the Kibworth Chronicle (as it was known then) have been loaded up to the web.

To date the Chronicle has published over 430 editions since 1978. Recording the lives, events and discussions of our local community.

Over the years, the number of villages that the Chronicle reached has increased, along with the ever growing populations in some of those same villages.

The first edition was published in April 1978.

Digitalising the latest editions of the Chronicle is an easy task, thanks to modern technology. But the production of the Chronicle has always been a community endeavour.

In fact even today, the physical lay-up process of the Chronicle continues much the same as it has always done so.

Project Update – Feb 2024. You can now access all the scanned back catalogue of the Chronicle directly from our website.

As a Management Committee, we are discussing how and whether the lay-up process can be modernised. But to do so, in a way that does not detract from what the Chronicle represents.

We load a new print year, once all 10 copies from September through to June have been scanned.

We’d love to be able to make each edition searchable and referenced, but we just don’t have the financial resources at this moment to support that.

Time marches on

As technology marches on, it might seem like Facebook, Twitter remove the need for the printed word.

Even the Chronicle has adopted creating digital posts of each article we now print (you’re reading one now). What the digital version lacks is either the physical presence or the ‘organisation’ that the Editorial Team put into each edition.

Facebook just becomes the latest post, and then you move on. Even the musician Adele has now succeeded in getting one of the biggest streaming services to remove the ‘shuffle’ feature from her albums. As an artist – she believes the audience should listen to the music, in the order that she constructed the album.

Become a Chronicle volunteer

The Chronicle is staffed 100% by volunteers. And we can always use more volunteers. Whether it’s in the management of the newspaper, the monthly production, the Editorial Team or distribution, and so much more.

If you have previous experience, that’s fantastic. If you have none, then don’t worry. You could learn a new skill.

As an example, some of our latest volunteers have learnt WordPress. So, we have a new team who publish all of the articles to this website.

We have recently started to use, so several of our team are learning new graphic design skills.

The Chronicle is a newspaper that is for all of the community. So all of the community are welcome to get involved.

If you’d like to find out more, then contact or come along to one of monthly lay-up sessions. You can see the dates on this link.

Mark Grech, Advertising Manager, The Kibworth & District Chronicle