Editorial – March 2024

Social media platforms don’t always get the message over

Editorial – March 2024 – As editor of this community publication I occasionally browse Facebook pages entitled Kibworth and Smeeton Information Exchange. It is excellent for keeping everyone abreast about what is going on in and around the neighbourhood. I particularly appreciate the humorous comments when traffic signals are regularly installed on the A6 for the odd road improvements, or not.

Foxton has a WhatsApp Chat group for its residents, Mowsley has a similar email group for residents and Smeeton Westerby residents have their own technology communications network. Isn’t technology wonderful – when it works?

These are all good and useful. But what about that mobile oven cleaner man? Or that fence repairer that everyone said was extremely courteous? Or the lady who decluttered your garage and who posted their contact details, say, some six weeks ago? Where has it gone? I can’t find it now…

How do I track it down, now that Facebook has moved on and it is showing an image of lost cat or a piece of furniture to be given away?

This dilemma could be overcome by using the pages of this publication, perhaps only once, perhaps just a few times!

My friend retired from his job and took up gardening for other folk who couldn’t manage their gardens. He advertised twice and cancelled the third advert as he had too much work to fill his newly found ‘spare’ time.

A big “thank you”

So here, then, I say a big thank you to all those people and companies whether they are large or small for supporting this publication. It may be a one-off advert or a series of adverts. Our year runs in parallel to the school year beginning in September and finishing in mid-June.

Our rates are extremely competitive. We guarantee your advert will be through every letterbox in all 29 villages shown on the front cover. That is some 5300 households approximately.

To contact our advertising manager either go to our website www.kibworthchronicle.com and click on advertising link or see the back page of this publication.

For all new businesses that we feature – see our Business to Business pages – we ask that the new business support us and we will happily support you.

The Kibworth & District Chronicle has been around for nearly 46 years and we hope to continue for a few more years yet.

So enjoy this issue of the Kibworth and District Chronicle and Happy Easter to you all.

Stephen (Editor)