Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council, October Update

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The Parish Council held its monthly public meeting on 28 September in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Consultation/exhibition Event

The consultation/exhibition event held on Sunday 26 September had 145 registered attendees. Responses to the three projects are still being analysed. Three members of the public attended the parish council meeting to comment on the Open Space Strategy.

Councillors confirmed the five sets of park plans, together with the questionnaire, would be made available on the council website. The Chairman explained that this consultation was only the start of the process, and that more engagement with the public will follow.

To see the design ideas for the local parks click on

Make sure we hear your views by completing the SurveyMonkey Open Space Questionnaire, click on:

Planning Applications

Two planning applications were discussed. 21/01489/VAC – 54 High Street opening hours on bank holidays. Council objected to 11am to 11pm opening hours due to the impact on this residential area. The Council felt 4pm to 9pm might be more acceptable. DCllr King has asked for the application to be determined by the Planning Committee.

21/01636/FUL – 72 Leicester Road extension. Council agreed ‘no comment’. No information had been provided regarding the future of a conifer hedge on the southern border of the property. It affords some privacy for neighbouring properties on Hillcrest Avenue. Planning application can be viewed at

Late-Night Christmas Event, 8 December

Council resolved to continue with plans for the Late-Night Christmas event on 8 December. The road closure, School Road to the Co-op, and temporary 10mph speed limit to The Bank, has been submitted. MJB Support Services Ltd was approved as the event organisers.

Xmas Trees & Lights

A tree & lights will be made available to businesses/homeowners on High Street & Station Street. This offer applies to those with brackets on their properties. They will be required to install this themselves as in 2020.

Smeeton Road Recreation Ground

Approval was given for a new fence and gate for the rear of the play area to be ordered. Approval was also given for the removal of a dangerous tree. A stretch of tarmac between the tennis courts has been completed and the cost shared with the tennis club.

Cllr Feltham asked members to consider requests to the Highways Fund at the October meeting. He gave examples of requests submitted from other divisions and said two had been requested so far for Gartree. Warning signs on A47 either side of the Tugby crossroads. White lining delineating the T junction in Shangton.

The monthly reports from representatives are available on the noticeboard and council website.

Kibworth Youth Provision

Council approved using the remaining youth budget for Fiesta Sports Coaching to run indoor activities in the Grammar School Hall. The sessions are to run on Tuesdays from 26 October to 14 December. More details on Twitter.

Warwick Park Play Area

Cllrs Pitcher and Owst were thanked for clearing litter, including broken glass from the Warwick Park play area. Council agreed to discuss antisocial behaviour at the next meeting.

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Next Meeting, 26 October

Our next monthly public meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday 26 October in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall. There will be further discussions about:

  • The Bank roundabout
  • the community building site off Robin Drive, and
  • the levels of the KBPC precept since 2018.

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