Violence against Women and Girls

New Way to Report Concerns – StreetSafe Portal

As part of the ongoing commitment by the Police to reduce violence towards women and girls, a new online portal is being launched where concerns can be raised.

It is called StreetSafe and can be found at:


You may have felt unsafe for a variety of reasons. This could be due to a lack of street lighting, abandoned buildings, or vandalism. Or because of the behaviour of other people such as being followed or verbally abused.

This portal does not replace the traditional method of reporting crime and incidents. It is designed for anyone to tell the police, anonymously, about public places where they have felt unsafe.

StreetSafe reporting feeling unsafe. Leicestershire Police logo

Please have a look at the portal.

It is important that the police and partners receive feedback on experiences of feeling unsafe, so that they can work proactively to prevent offences, and to make everyone feel safe.

Ryan Coleman

Police Sgt, Harborough and Wigston NPA

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