Staying Fit in Colder Weather

For those of you who exercise outdoors, be it running, cycling, winter sports such as rugby, even a walk, read on. This article about staying fit in cold weather is definitely for you! I know it is only October, but we have definitely had some temperature drops! Aren’t the colours gorgeous in our beautiful corner of the world this time of year?

The benefits of exercise are well known. However, those darker, colder days can lead the most motivated of people to pack away their workout routines. Much easier to stay tucked up in bed! The following tips can help keep your body safe and warm when exercising outdoors. These tips are covered in more detail in my latest blog found here

Dress in Layers

Dressing too warmly is a mistake. When we exercise the body generates heat, so this can make us feel warmer than it actually is. The sweat we produce evaporates, pulling heat away from the body, so then we feel cooler. The trick is to dress in layers that can be removed. It is sensible to have a base layer that is synthetic as it draws sweat away from your body. Cotton should be avoided, as it stays wet next to your skin. Next should come an insulation layer of fleece or wool, and then a breathable waterproof.

Warm Up and Cool Down

This is important at any time of the year, but especially important in the winter.

Protect Hands, Feet and Ears

Exercising in the cold means our body diverts the blood to our core and muscles that are working. Consequently, our exposed extremities (hands, feet, ears), are left vulnerable to the cold.

Wear the Right Shoes

In the winter consider buying trainers half a size bigger to allow room for thicker, thermal socks.

Keep Hydrated

Even exercising in the cold makes our body sweat, so it is important to replace those lost fluids.

Check the Weather

If there is ice, sometimes it really is safer to skip a day. Better than risk a slip or fall, which could cause significant injury.

Safety Gear

This means bright and reflective clothing, lights on those bikes, and obviously a helmet if you’re on a bicycle! You need to be seen! Most importantly make sure someone knows your route, and your expected return time just in case something does go wrong. There are some amazing exercise trackers out there, for phones and bike computers.

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