Giving financial help

There is a saying in the bible that it is better to give than to receive. I think when you are a child you might be puzzled by this but as you grow older you see how true it is.

There is real pleasure watching someone unwrap a surprise gift from you, seeing the joy when presenting a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates.

The appreciation when you hand over vegetables you have grown yourself: the cute courgettes, the runner beans, the Cos lettuce and the French beans.

What we haven’t been able to give recently is the hugs and kisses which are the outward sign of an inner love or affection.

Sad, but then we have been able to give of our time on the phone, on Zoom or Facetime, etc. We can save the hugs for later.

One of the ‘top’ dreams people have apparently, is of winning the Lottery and not just spending it on themselves but giving it away and seeing smiling faces.

Here at the Kibworth & District Chronicle we were very smiley when our treasurer said that we, as a non-profit making paper, were in danger of making a profit and needed to give some money away.

We advertised in July online that we had small amounts to give away to groups within the Kibworth & District Chronicle district and six community groups applied.

We were able to give the following six groups £250 towards their good work: Kibworth Community Library, The New Normal Cancer Support Group,  Kibworth Football Club, Kibworth Scout Group, Kibworth Theatre Company and St Wilfrid’s Church.

If you missed the opportunity to receive this time, then do watch our pages for when we are next in a giving mood. Jump in, the villages especially. It’s good for you and good for us.