Financial Help from The Kibworth & District Chronicle

Like most societies, councils, community forums and groups of friends, The Kibworth & District Chronicle Management Committee has been holding its meetings online. Zoom, Google and Microsoft have really been helping with communication though most of us would really like to go back to face to face I suspect. Some of those meetings will have been to discuss finances and perhaps lack of funds for day to day running or future projects.

The Kibworth & District Chronicle is a non- profit making community paper. Our advertisers pay for the printing, laptops, paper, lay up printers plus their cartridges etc. Each year our treasurer will tell us if we have a surplus of cash and are able to give some away. At our last meeting he said we could give some money away. No need to sit down!  They are not big sums obviously, but we are pleased to have the chance to do this.

We are therefore offering small sums of £250 to institutions, clubs, societies, within Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt and all the villages that are in our distribution area. 

£250 is not a great deal of money but every pound helps and if you tell your community why you need it, you never know, someone may add to it. The only proviso is that the money must be going to help the community, not an individual, in some way.

Please send your requests with relevant details to by Saturday August 8th.  

Thank you.

 Roslyn Ousey

District Editor