Reply to Cemetery Used as a Dog Walking Area

I would like to thank the correspondent for their recent letter to the Kibworth & District Chronicle.

My name is Kevin Feltham and I am chairman of Kibworth Harcourt
Parish Council. The cemetery, which serves both Kibworth parishes, is located just off the A6 within Kibworth Harcourt and comes within the parish council’s responsibility.

Since 1895 the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery has been managed by a Kibworth Joint Burial Board (KJBB) which includes representatives from both the Kibworth parishes. I have been in touch with the chairman of the KJBB and the parish council clerk about the contents of the letter. We are saddened to read the report about dogs not under control in our cemetery. I have checked our cemetery regulations and they do not include any restrictions about dogs being in the cemetery.

We have no record of receiving any other complaints about dogs running freely in the cemetery. As the correspondent has made a complaint, the matter will be taken to the next meeting of the Kibworth Joint Burial Board later this summer, and in the meantime we will be speaking to visitors about any other sightings of freely running dogs.

Kevin Feltham