Cemetery Used as a Dog Walking Area

I would be interested to learn if anyone else has experienced the same as I have during my recent visits to the Cemetery on the A6 in Kibworth.

Although I was born there, I no longer live in Kibworth. However, both my parents and both sets of Grandparents are buried in the cemetery. My wife and I go to the cemetery to leave flowers throughout the year on such occasions as Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day/Fathers Day and additional anniversaries.

On the last few visits I have been amazed that the cemetery now appears to be used as a “dog walking” area!

Not only is it used for dog walking, it seems to be the regular practice to let the dogs run free – not a lead in sight. Dogs, big and small are running freely amongst the graves, new and old. You do not need a degree to work out what they are leaving behind – the owners don’t know, they are mostly a good distance away.

To be blunt I find this practice disgraceful, disgusting and very disrespectful. It should be stopped immediately.

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