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Many of you will have seen that the Children in Need campaign this year raised millions for national charities. Your Rotary Club is appealing to you to think about donating locally.

As was reported in the November Issue of the Chronicle, the Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club had to cancel this year’s fireworks. This was a disaster for its fundraising. Despite all our efforts, the club also had to face a cancellation bill, which the members will cover.

We are extremely grateful to the good percentage of people who bought pre-event firework tickets and didn’t request a refund. That money will go to the local groups that the club had designated for the event. These are locally based youth activities and local rotary projects. But we normally raise, on average, £10,000 from the fireworks. We also have been unable to run our ‘Trolley Dash’ fundraising again this year. Therefore there will be a big reduction in the support we can give to local groups and projects this year.

Over the years the money we raised has helped the community in many ways. Here are just a few local groups and projects where our funds have made a big difference.

  • Scouts & Guides in Kibworth and Fleckney.
  • Primary School projects in Kibworth, Fleckney and Church Langton.
  • St Wilfrid’s Children’s Ministry.
  • Dementia Support Locally (Admiral Nurses and Leicester Musical Memory Box).
  • The Well and the Food Bank in Kibworth.

So, for the first time, we would like to ask those who weren’t able to support us this year to consider our JustGiving Campaign of ‘DONATE A LITTLE LOCALLY THIS CHRISTMAS’.

Whether you donate £5 or £50 it will make a difference locally, supporting the young, the old and the disadvantaged.

How To Donate

Go online and donate at

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