Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club Report

Charity Bonfire & Fireworks

Charity Bonfire & Fireworks, Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club logo

As many readers will know, Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club had to cancel their Charity Bonfire & Fireworks, Saturday 4 November. It is the first time in the history of this event that the weather has been so against us. With the field opposite the top of New Road Kibworth already soaked by storm Babet, storm Ciaraán was the final straw.

This is the Rotary Club’s main fundraising event of the year and the Scouts and Guides also raise precious funds for their groups, by providing food and refreshments.

No Option

Our President, Robert Easthope, took it personally when he had to make the decision to cancel. However, you will see from the video link below that he had no option. It would have been impossible to set up barriers, lighting, tents and cooking equipment on Saturday. It would also have been extremely dangerous for over a thousand adults and children to have attended the event. In addition, it would have inflicted a lot of damage to the field that is part of a working farm.

Having taken over £2,000 for pre-event discounted tickets, a number of Rotarians were available to refund folk on the Sunday morning. Roughly half the money has now been paid back. Some generous folk have donated part or all of their ticket money. This will go to the event charities & not to offset the costs, which will be met by the Rotary Club members.

A huge amount of effort goes into planning these events before the day. Health & safety, risk assessment, insurance, first aid on the day; all have to be organised. We need to inform the police and local council. A contract needs to be negotiated with the firework company. We provide lighting, barriers and signage, arrange publicity and tickets. We had to make sure we have enough Rotary Club volunteers to set up, marshal and clean-up. The Scouts and Guides have to go through a similar process to provide the refreshments and food. We thank the ticket outlets namely, Kibworth Post Office, The Swan, the Coach & Horses and Fleckney Library, for all their efforts.

This time we also had to go through the process of unpicking everything and footing the cancellation costs of two and half thousand pounds.


So, although ‘The Fireworks have been Cancelled’ is only five small words, the frustration and disappointment have been immense.

The Rotary Club had plans to donate the profits to local worthy causes. Over the years donations have been between £5,000 & £12,000. The Scouts & Guides were hoping to fund a trip to the Swiss Alps.

We thank those who have donated their ticket money. We are now appealling to the residents of Kibworth a Fleckney to support their Rotary Club with donations via Justgiving. The money raised will help to fund locally based Youth Activities (including Scouts & Guides) and other locally based Rotary Club projects.

Go to the link and if applicable please add gift aid. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and it will take you to the link.

Anyone still requiring a refund, contact-
Video of rain-soaked field –