Why wait until the New Year?

’New year, new me.’ We hear this a lot but is it really true? Why wait until the New Year to start a fitness routine? Why do people get more motivated to invest in their health and fitness just because it’s January — the truth — they don’t!

If people are truly invested in their health and fitness then it doesn’t matter what month it is, doesn’t matter what time of year it is; they just invest.

The best time to start is right now! You don’t need huge, daunting goals and targets, you simply just need to start.

At The Fitness Box we are here to help. Throughout December and January we are offering a Free Fitness and Nutrition Consultation where we can discuss fitness targets and goals and help you set up a plan of action of how to achieve them.

We offer small group functional fitness classes for all levels of fitness. All our workouts are tailored to suit everybody, they are programmed to maximise results whatever your goals are.

Being in classes with like-minded, motivated people is a great way to help you feel motivated to continue to improve and strive for results.

The hardest part can be taking that very first step in the right direction, once you start moving forward you’ll never look back.

If you’d like to take advantage of your Free Fitness and Nutrition Consultation visit thefitnessbox.co.uk where you can find all our contact details and see first-hand testimonials from some of our members.

From everyone at The Fitness Box we wish you a merry Christmas and can’t wait to help you smash those fitness goals moving forward.

Adam Fowler,
The Fitness Box