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Harmony with the Seasons

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine has understood the power of the seasons for at least two thousand years. As a Five Element acupuncturist such understanding is a fascinating part of my job. Understanding the influence of the season, the body constitution and how to harmonise the body and mind is key.

There are five elements:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal and
  • Water.

Winter & Water

We are currently in the season of winter that corresponds to the water element. Here is a simple and brief overview of the water element. In the context of a cycle, winter represents the end of all seasons, it is an introspective time to reflect and contemplate. Energy within and around us is descending (yin) and becomes more inward focused. The kidneys and the bladder are the organs of the water element. They are viewed as the root and the foundation of the body. Hence many of us will experience a deficiency and will benefit from the guidance of an acupuncturist to address individual needs.

Kerry Acupuncture Winter Tips
Getting out in the winter

Winter Tips

Top Tips to feel nourished in winter:

  • Use the winter months as a time to look inward, slow down and practice meditation;
  • Rest and enjoy a steady pace, continue to balance rest time and movement time. Choose more yin activities such as walking, yoga and stretching
  • Ensure you get adequate exposure to sunlight during winter. This will help to balance the production serotonin and melatonin that will support the sleep/wake cycle
  • Support a healthy stress response with adequate relaxation techniques and regular exercise
  • Are you drinking enough water? We tend to forget about this winter. Central heating can typically dehydrate the skin!

Further Advice

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