Wine note

2021 Bella Verita Organic Falanghina Puglia

(Marks and Spencer £7)

A bottle of 2021 Bella Verita Organic Falanghina Puglia

Fiano, Greco and Falanghina. Napoli’s current back three?

No, three classic wine grapes from Campania, the region around Naples.

They’ve now spread across the south and this example comes from Puglia, the heel of Italy.

Falanghina is an ancient Italian white-wine grape, reportedly of Greek origin (but that seems to apply to most of the varieties in this area)

Is Falanghina the grape variety behind Falernian, the most famous wine of ancient Rome ?

The jury’s out on that too.

Anyway, it produces wines with a pronounced citrus character, both in aroma and in refreshing acidity.

This bottle is very good value for money. Try it with pizza while watching Napoli in the Champions League. Or drink it as an accompaniment to a plate of Spalletti. Perhaps not – he’s the Napoli coach.

John Freelan