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Duggies Ramblings - Dracula!

16th September 2022 | Uncategorised

Dracula is a name that brings to mind the actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Not to mention a succession of blousy women filling various roles in the horror films set around the 'life' of Count Dracula. The success of the Dracula film output lined the pockets of those involved. This was aprt from the author, formerly journalist, theatre manager turned author, Bram Stoker. He visited Whitby in 1890. On the clifftop hill above the harbour and town of Whitby is the church of St Mary's and the magnificent Abbey founded by Hilda in 657, a genuine historical figure. She is not the only historical figure, there is one other. In Bram Stoker's creation of Dracula, Dracula's boat arrives at Whitby and his first victim is William Swales. This is a name Stoker found on a headstone in the churchyard. Swales had died in 1751.

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Crime Prevention

23rd May 2022 | Uncategorised

Illston- on- the- Hill WI are holding an Open Meeting on Thursday 9 June. More and more people are being subjected to crime in all its various forms. We therefore feel it is very important to address the problems. We will be welcoming a representative from the Leicestershire Police to give us some guidelines to follow. Subjects will include internet scams, emails, phone, doorstep scammers, as well as safety in our own homes – security, door locks, alarms, to name but a few topics.

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