Bridge 67 – Where’s Colin?

Bridge 67

Andy Kemp, Butcher

As the ‘Where’s Colin’ campaign continues, we would like to publicise that Andy Kemp from Williamson’s, the old butchers shop in Kibworth, also works at our shop. 

Always one for a laugh, Andy is well known around the village for producing possible the best tasting, low fat, gluten free, pork sausages. 

There is certainly great demand from members of that well know slimming club in the village!  Indeed ladies and gentlemen from all around the area will drive miles to buy them. We simply can’t make them quickly enough! 

Our shop sells a great range of produce.

  • beef, lamb, pork and eggs from the farm in Smeeton Westerby
  • high welfare chicken
  • home baked ham
  • homemade pork pies
  • sausage rolls
  • a superb range of British Cheeses
  • Hambleton Breads
  • pastries
  • local honey and
  • a fantastic range of sauces, pickles and relishes.

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A butcher for over 40 years, Andy has a wealth of experience, so call in today to have a chat with Andy, and to peruse the meat counter at 36 High Street, Kibworth.

Jill Vickers