Duggie’s Ramblings

Duggie's Ramblings

Is it possible that Michelle Robinson is a name that brings a person to mind? She was born and brought up by her parents, with her brother Craig in the upper storey of great aunt Robbie’s house in South Chicago and there she lived with her family throughout her childhood and adolescence. Initially, she shared a room with her brother, a partition alone separated the brother and sister. As they grew into teenagers they were given separate bedrooms. The schools she attended were local, within walking distance.

However, in teenage years she was chosen to attend a school for the brightest students on the north side of Chicago near to Lake Michigan. This involved a journey requiring three bus changes, there and back. A friend from her area of south Chicago was also chosen to attend the same school.

Apart from the advantage of having a friend in school, it had an importance outside school; it was an unwritten law that no teenager should be out in Chicago alone after dark , travelling to and from school occurred at certain times of the year after dark. She did well at school so much so that she went on to study at Princeton University

Close by where Michelle lived, was a neighbourhood nicknamed by the locals- Pill Hill. Why? Because it was a popular residential area for Afro American doctors!

The above is a brief description of the early years of her life and deserves further study into a well-lived remarkable life

Further to this, the above anecdote brings to mind the outstanding service provided by our own NHS; their dedication, skill knowledge and decision making and the risks inherent in their work, of all the NHS teams in GP practices, Hospitals and pharmacies.

It is a crying shame that a small minority abuse the system or take advantage of the helpful nature of the staff. Recently, at the LRI  A & E Department, a man was shouting at the receptionist – you could not help hearing him! Impatient unwilling to wait his place in the queue. I hope he was sent to the back.

GP’s are having additional problems. It’s not their fault blood samples are becoming difficult to take due to the shortage of receptacles. And what about lack of drivers? No thanks to Brexit!

The NHS was set up in 1948 -with some opposition-by the post 2nd World War Labour Government under the Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan. Earlier he had been instrumental in establishing a similar scheme for the mining community in South Wales.

In our own city of Leicester, it is impossible not to notice the expansion of LRI. Is it a coincidence that the rugger and football grounds are in close proximity to the LRI.? The medical staff have adjusted and adapted to the current surge in demand. because they have the ability experience and foresight to make things work leaving the Duke of  Plaza -toro (he led his troops from the rear) politicians behind.

(Michelle Robinson Obama. Did she come to mind?)