Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club – November 2020 update

Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club

In the last two years Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary Club has raised awareness of those living with dementia.

This disease, which is indiscriminate, can, in some cases be debilitating and isolating. The Club has been raising funds for Admiral Nurses (Specialist Dementia Care Nurses) for Leicestershire.

Two years ago there were none in Leicestershire (apart from one in a teaching capacity). There are now two at Leicester Royal Infirmary and one at LOROS.

In addition there are also two Community Admiral nurses, working out of GP practices in Charnwood, Lutterworth and Blaby. These community nurses are part of a pilot, funded by Admiral Nurses for Leicestershire ( It is hoped that more such nurses will be appointed across the county.

There is no cure for dementia and for those with an advanced form, where an individual can be trapped in their dementia,  at times separated from the real world, it can cause agitation and anxiety.

It is difficult to find a calming solution. The way they are treated can obviously make a big difference and music and singing has a very beneficial effect. A local group ‘Leicester Musical Memory Box’ led by Kyle Newman, has made a great impact locally with their singing groups which help with connecting to real memories.

They have recently been covered on the BBC East Midlands News, because of their continued Zoom based Singing sessions. (

Contact with young children and animals can also provide positive connections. Care homes often bring pets into the home for residents to stroke and relate to.

It may seem a bit demeaning, but dolls and toy animals can provide comfort and it has been proven that possession of such an artificial aid can be beneficial. 

Robotic cats (as shown in the photo) require no feeding, no cat litter trays, yet react to touch by purring and meowing. 

Kibworth & Fleckney Rotary club has donated two such cats, one to Kibworth Knoll and another to a lady, recommended by Kyle Newman.

If you want to help the Rotary Club purchase more cats or add to the Club’s dementia support fund please go to –

Graham Thompson