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Editorial - May 2022

23rd May 2022 | Editorial

It wasn’t till the Boeing 777 put its nose into the air and reached for the clouds, that I believed that I was actually off to see son number two and family in Australia. So many Covid hoops had been crawled through. You do not jump at my age—that I was convinced I would never get there. Coming back five weeks later, things were much more relaxed. The faces of many travellers were visible for a start.

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Editorial March 22

8th March 2022 | Editorial

Apart from the obvious, two other news items caught my attention recently; the Queen’s Accession, and the easing of Covid restrictions, particularly in relation to travel. This set me thinking about how life was for me in 1952.

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Julie Harrision's Editorial - Febuary 2022

17th February 2022 | Editorial

Wildlife is my passion. Moving to Kibworth eight years ago a big priority for us was access to nature. We are so fortunate to live in an area that is close to beautiful countryside, being only a few minutes’ walk away from peaceful lanes.

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Editorial - January 22

31st January 2022 | Editorial

Wishing you a year filled with vibrant health, new goals, new achievements, amazing adventures and many new inspirations to your life. We’ve welcomed New Year 2022 with temperatures in double digits, unusual but nice.

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Editorial December & Xmas, photo Rotary Fireworks, November 2021.


10th December 2021 | Editorial

Well we have finally arrived at the last month of the year, December. The hours of sunlight are slowly ebbing to their minimum per day. Soon, hopefully, we shall be all celebrating the forthcoming festive season. After months of keeping ourselves from each other, we are, at last, starting to gather together. In groups to sing, to shop, to be entertained and to enjoy this new freedom.

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