On Monday 2 October the Kibworth Chronicle Association (if you read this newspaper you are automatically a member) held its AGM. We are happy to print below our Chairman’s Report for you to read.

Chairman’s Report

I am pleased to say that throughout 2022/23 we have generally improved the look of the Kibworth & District Chronicle with more advertisers choosing colour for their adverts and plenty of colourful photographs. During the year we continued to produce mainly 24 page editions with just January and February as 20 pages.

However, we have felt some financial pressures due to the national economy and the effects of actions further afield. This has meant that our number of advertising units and thus advertising income didn’t increase as we had hoped. The decision to increase the price may also have had an effect on this as well. I am hopeful however that things will improve during the next financial year as in advance bookings and payments seem to indicate.

There was no turnover of staff on the management team which is very pleasing.

The distribution numbers did not change much over the year with the Chronicle still being delivered to more than 5,300 homes and premises in 29 villages. Publication of the Chronicle during the year was made possible by the support of up to 100 different advertisers without whom there would be no Kibworth & District Chronicle.

Over 200 people within Kibworth and the surrounding villages are involved with the publication and distribution of the Chronicle to whom we are, as always, extremely grateful.

The online Chronicle continues to improve and the numbers accessing it is increasing. It is hoped that we can continue this trend. The fact that articles are appearing more quickly is due to the work of the online team, obviously helps.

Lastly, I would particularly like to thank all the members of the management team who once again gave their time to attend the monthly meetings as well as occasional ad hoc meetings and for those keeping the online Chronicle up to date during July and August.

Kevin Downing, Chair, 2nd October 2023