All you need is love

When I eventually sat down to write this piece I had just been listening to BBC Radio 4 News and I thought about doing a rant about the injustices in this world, which we cannot do much about because they are outside our territory, but those within our shores bring me shame and concern.

According to the IMF we are probably the fifth or sixth richest country in the world. However we are now hurtling towards a third world situation with litter and graffiti everywhere and food banks commonplace.
The four cornerstones of a modern society were the church, Law and Order via our judiciary, a competent Health Service free at the point of delivery and an Education system which caters for all abilities.

All of these areas appear to be disintegrating around us and I wanted to highlight each one in turn before I ask you all to choose wisely when the general election comes. Whilst putting my thoughts in order and getting more and more angry at the situation I find myself in, I pulled on my walking boots and stepped outside into South Leicestershire countryside. Nature as seen through some of the pages of this publication does something to restore the soul. There is no stopping Mother Nature. The seasons come and go.

Spring. The beginnings of a new life, a fresh start. The greening of the fields after all that rain. Lambs and calves born, birds counted. There’s a time to speak, there’s a time to sow.

There’s a season to love. Love your surroundings, your neighbours. That’s amoré!


February is the Month of Heart Awareness.
Saturday 10 February was the lunar New Year.
Wednesday 14 February was Valentine’s Day. I hope you received all you wished for.

I feel lucky to be living in this community at this time. Do you?

Stephen (Editor)