Leicester High School for Girls

The Benefits of Single-Sex Education and Convenient Transportation

Leicester High School for Girls, located at 454 London Road, Knighton, Leicester, has been dedicated to empowering young women aged three to eighteen for many years. If you’re considering a school for your daughter, let’s explore why Leicester High School for Girls is a unique choice.

Convenient transport

Exciting News: We’re delighted to announce a new bus service that will begin after the February half-term. It will run via Kibworth, Great Glen, and Oadby, providing convenient transportation to and from Leicester High School for Girls. This route starts from Market Harborough and stops at these key locations. It makes commuting to our school even more accessible and stress free for our students and their families.

Academic Excellence

Research consistently highlights the advantages of single-sex education for girls. At Leicester High we create an environment where girls actively participate in classroom discussions, express themselves confidently, and enthusiastically pursue STEM subjects.

The data speaks volumes. Girls at GSA schools are 75% more likely to take Maths A-Level, 70% more likely to take Chemistry, and two and a half times more likely to take Physics. These statistics underscore the effectiveness of our focused educational approach.

Leicester High School for Girls, Chemistry Lab
Fun in the Chemistry laboratory

Personal Growth: Leicester High offers a nurturing and gender-neutral environment that encourages personal growth, free from stereotypes and bias. This setting encourages self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing students to discover their full potential.

Chess Club
Chess Club

Leadership Development: The School places a strong emphasis on leadership development. We empower girls to take on leadership roles in various aspects of school life. Equipping them with valuable skills and experiences for future leadership positions in their communities and careers.

Tight-Knit Community: A single-sex environment often leads to the formation of strong and enduring friendships. This sense of community creates a positive and supportive atmosphere, promoting collaboration and mutual respect among students, as well as our parent body.

Building Confidence and Resilience: In co-educational settings, girls can face gender-related bias and pressures that affect their confidence. Leicester High School for Girls empowers students to explore their potential without such constraints, encouraging resilience and problem-solving skills essential for future success.

Mentorship and Support: Leicester High boasts a dedicated network of teachers and mentors who serve as role models and guides for our students. These relationships play a pivotal role in personal and academic development, offering a support system that extends well beyond graduation.


If you are seeking a school that nurtures academic excellence, personal growth, and leadership skills, we invite you to consider joining us on this journey at Leicester High School for Girls. We believe in the numerous benefits of single-sex education, and our track record speaks for itself.

Make an informed choice and choose Leicester High School for Girls.

Louise Burbeck

Head of Marketing

T: 0116 2705338