What’s going on? January 2024

Going Live
Crossing the ‘Tin Bridge’ the electrification of the Midland Main Line from Kettering to South Wigston is getting closer to completion. Soon the installation of the sections of the pedestrian bridge will be installed – timetabled to be in March- however new signage has now appeared on the Tin Bridge warning everyone that the wires are now live.

Tin Bridge - Live wires below sign - Jan 2024

Skate Park – a major success
It never was a race between the skate park contractors and the pedestrian bridge contractors but safe to say if it had been. The fact the skate park opened finally ten days or so before Christmas was a boon to young and not so young. It is great to see it being populated by youngster who appear to be having a thoroughly great time outdoors!

High Street Restaurant/Cafe
No sooner than the closure of The Lighthouse and The Deli before the New Year began there are signs a new cafe is to open at 39 High Street, called Dodie’s.

By all account Dodie is the name of the cat which Jasmine Harris the operator has at home.
We wish them every success in this venture.

As for The Lighthouse will the rumours that it might be an Indian Resturant/Takeaway prove to be correct?

Leicestershire County Cricket at Kibworth
It is understood there are negotiations between LCC and Kibworth Cricket Club for a 50 over match to take place at Kibworth this coming summer following the very successful event last August. Let’s hope this happens.

Signage – past its sell by date?
On the way into Leicester along the A6 there are signs just past Oadby Gorse Golf course entrance which say ‘New Road Layout Ahead’ following the installation of traffic lights in 2019. Haven’t they become meaningless by now? There is nothing ‘New’ here.

Similar position applies to ‘Diversion’ sign which one occasionally comes across. “Diversion from where to where?” one asks.

Should there be a code shown blue triangle/red dot /yellow square to differentiate the diversion it refers to? They can be helpful but also very frustrating.

Kibworth Club
The doors finally closed on ‘The Club’ just a few days ago. What is happen to this building? Keep us informed, if you know.