Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

The parish council’s last meeting in 2023 was held on 7 December in the Studio at the Kibworth Community Hub.

A resident’s request for some form of pedestrian crossing across Wistow Road has been declined by Highways after carrying out traffic assessments for a week.

Cllr Feltham reported that the County Council are in a dire financial position but will still be announcing a balanced budget for 2024/25 by using some reserves.

Joint Recreation Board

The zip-wire gate has been moved so it is accessed from the flat part of the park. The skatepark has been completed but still requires final landscaping in drier weather.

Some suggestions to use Section 106 funding to improve Natural Open Spaces are being discussed by the Joint Recreation Board in January. These include a small orchard, new trees and wildflower meadows and improved landscaping on existing parish council parks.

Joint Burial Board

Quotes for woodworm treatment of the roof are still being sought. A horse managed to break through into the cemetery from the field next door. More fencing is needed and a quote of £705 was approved.

Village Hall

The new floor in the main hall has been completed. The next film will be Barbie on 10 February.

Grammar School Hall/Community Hub

Income exceeded expenditure for October. A spring clean of the kitchen area is planned for late December.

Councillors agreed to help KBPC, and the library fund with the tendering costs from reserves.

Kibworth Allotments

The allotment agreement has been signed. The clerk has informed the secretary about the s106 funding available for the allotments.

Youth Provision

No further updates.


After discussion, councillors agreed to make some comments about the latest plans (23/01628/VAC) for 2 Harborough Road, building on the council’s original objections.

Joint Recreation Board Expenditure

Councillors approved shared costs with KBPC for bow top fencing around the new skatepark including two gates and short concrete paths.

Councillors also agreed to share costs for park inspections during 2024/25.

Christmas Event 2024

Councillors agreed to contribute towards the costs for the Christmas Late Night Shopping event in KB for 2024.

Finances & Administration

All financial statements, reconciliations, summaries, and payments were approved. The draft budget for 2024/25 was discussed and will be approved at the January meeting.

Councillor reports

It was agreed to raise the ongoing problems with parking by parents by the footpath off St Wilfrid’s Close leading through to Warwick Park and the Primary School, with KBPC.

Thackney Ley’s hedge is still overgrown, but the clerk is having difficulty getting it sorted as the property is now empty.

Clerk’s report

The battery and pads in the defibrillator at Boboli’s need replacing.  Resolved to approve the cost. The waste cages bought for the cemetery are unsuitable. The clerk will ask HDC to remove and tidy up their piles of compost at the cemetery.

The next two public meetings are on 4 January and 1 February in the Kibworth Community Hub. They will be reported in due course.

Our 7 pm monthly meetings are open to the public, so why not come along to meet all our councillors and see what we do?

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