Further Education – Learn Now – Pay Later?

Dear Editor

Despite part time jobs and temporary employment at the same time as studying, many young people are facing significant pay-back of loans when, having qualified, they are in full time employment. Thus it is encouraging to note that Kibworth has offered grants; this for many years and hopefully for many years to come.

In this connection I was reading on page 20 of the December Chronicle under the heading Kibworth Mead Academy “once leaving KMA we would like you to be part of our alumni group, who can still benefit from support from the school.” Also reading from the same issue page 22 under the heading ‘Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council’, sub heading ‘Kibworth High School Foundation Trust’; “LCC have asked us to hold off enquiries for now as they are liaising with the Academy Governance Team to understand their position on the proposals.” This would appear to be a long matter, there being no reference to it in the September, October and November Parish Council reports that have appeared in the Chronicle and there being no December meeting.

Where, therefore, does Kibworth offering young people grants fit in? The Kibworth High School Foundation Trust was previously effectively the Kibworth Beauchamp Grammar School Foundation Trust, known as the Goodman Trust, offering financial aid to past pupils in their further education/training/academic or practical. The money came from long established investment in land (notably at the Wistow end of Kibworth Beauchamp and in Smeeton Westerby) and the income/interest gained therefrom.

Among those who furthered this were many members of the public; some on the governing bodies, over many, many years. Of special note are; John Elliot, headmaster of KBGS from the late 20s to the mid-50s in the 20th century; Rev Jeremiah Goodman, Robert Chapman of Kibworth Harcourt and Roger De Standby of Smeeton Westerly, both the mid-14th century. It is clear that this Trust has always been firmly Kibworth based.

Hence these laudable efforts to further enable young students to develop their talents are long established. We are grateful to Councillors, Governors, etc. who have devoted time trying to see how this Foundation Fund fits into the various changes Kibworth Secondary Education has seen over recent years. Funds may well at present be low and further investment doubles required. But we surely owe it to the past to take action in this present to be able to offer Goodman grants to future generations.

Roger Garrett

Editor’s Note: This publication is pleased to report that for many years it regularly advertised the Goodman Trust deadline date by which those seeking help should apply.