Sāg hej to strangers

There is a Swedish campaign to Sāg hej! (‘say hi’) which is helping combatting loneliness

There is a modern day paradox that exists – we are more connected than ever through technology yet can be more alone than ever.

The World Health Organisation has suggested there is a silent epidemic which might affect the wellbeing of one in four people.

To combat this a small town in Sweden is asking people to say hello to complete strangers as people go about their day to day lives. It helps those who speak as well as those who hear this small message.

For a New Year resolution I thought we could all start saying ‘hello’ to our neighbours to our friends and to anybody and everybody. The challenge will be saying this to five people each day in the first month then 10 people in February and so on.  Try it, it doesn’t cost you anything and will make you feel good about yourself, I’m sure.