Main Street Theatre Company and Kibworth Theatre Company

For One Night Only

During the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December, MSTC and KTC performed the Playsical ‘For One Night Only’. Written by Ella Wright, who also directed, starred and choreographed the show. She doesn’t get out much! Featuring great show tunes, excellent choreography and, some jaw dropping vocal performances. We certainly kept our audiences entertained and have been very gratified by the wonderful feedback.

Cast & Crew, ‘For One Night Only’

As Jenna, Ella’s character says “This is my family, my drama family”. “We may not be the best group here, but we have real heart and that’s not something that you cannot choreograph”. These lines, we felt, really sum up our approach to drama. Two distinct amateur dramatic groups have come together to create three excellent shows. ‘Allo Allo’, ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’ and now, ‘For One Night Only’. We not only give our audiences a good time but we have a good time doing it. Such has been the enthusiasm and friendliness in the two groups, it only makes sense to make our collaboration permanent. So we are currently looking at ways in which we can merge properly.

Further details of how we approach this will be publicised in The Chronicle. We look forward to taking the residents of Kibworth, Great Glen and the surrounding area with us so that we can continue to provide you with great entertainment.

What’s Next

In the meantime, we are already planning our next production, which will probably be a murder mystery, to be performed in April. Amateur sleuths are assured of a very entertaining time.

You can also follow both groups on MSCT Facebook & KTC Facebook.

Janet Gilbert for MSCT

Martyn Wyburn for KTC.