Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council

The Parish Council’s November meeting was held on 2 November in the Studio at the Kibworth Community Hub.

Councillors supported Windmill Farm Park signs off the A6. Dr Feltham agreed to confirm this to the Highways department.

He also reported that the County Council are beginning to consult on closing three recycling sites. Sites at Market Harborough, Shepshed and Somerby. This, along with other changes, would save some £400,000.

He reported that in his role as LCC Chairman, he had the privilege of unveiling a green plaque on platform 1 of Loughborough Train Station in honour of Thomas Cook.

Joint Recreation Board

One of the MUGA replacement backboards was damaged on delivery & has been returned. The zipwire gate which is not closing correctly is being looked at. The Skatepark is due to be completed soon. The surrounding fencing with two new entrances will be installed.

Options for replacing the play tower in Jubilee Green are still being discussed. A meeting with the S106 grants officer is being arranged.

Joint Burial Board

The external carpentry work on the Lychgate has been completed. However, woodworm has been found on the roof tiles, quotes for treatment will be sought. Quotes for building a garage/workshop are also being sought. There was discussion about possibly reducing the size of the natural burial area.

Village Hall

The film night on 18 November is Walk the Line, the biopic of Johnny Cash. The new wooden flooring is being fitted towards the end of November. Leonard Smith is the new Committee Chairman.

Grammar School Hall/Community Hub

A rota will be prepared for the trustees to help during the evening on the 6 December, Kibworth’s Late Night Christmas Event. The quote for a new Projector and Screen has now been approved. They are unable to install it till January.

Kibworth Allotments

The Clerk and Chairman attended an Extraordinary General Meeting held on Sunday 22 October. A new Chairman and Treasurer were appointed as well as two general committee members.

Youth Provision

An update was received from Cllr. L Kiernan (KBPC). In the last year, she has been to various groups and schools exploring how young people can get involved with the Parish Councils. A youth forum has been set up for year six in the Kibworth Primary School. Several topics were discussed, including parking, speeding and the Kibworth Tip.

Statement of Common Ground

HDC has issued a media briefing on the proposal for HDC to sign up to the Statement at Full Council on 6 November

Finances & Administration

All financial statements, reconciliations, summaries, and shared costs with KBPC were approved.

Councillor Reports

Ongoing problems with dead trees on the footpath off Braymish Close. The Clerk will report to Greenbelt.

Clerk’s Report

The County Council will not issue a permit for the Parish van and trailer to use the Kibworth tip. This is because of a policy from 2015. The Councillors resolved to approve a quotation for the rubbish at the cemetery to be taken to the tip.

Next Meetings

The next two public meetings are on 7 December and 4 January in the Kibworth Community Hub and will be reported in due course.

Our 7pm monthly meetings are open to the public, so why not come along to meet all our councillors and see what we do?

Please visit our website for more information about us at

If you would like to get involved or let us know of any community news about up-and-coming events, then please contact the Clerk.

Sara Barrett