Harborough’s ‘Repair Shop’

Have you been watching ‘The Repair Shop’ on television? Did you know we have our own Repair Shop in Harborough?

Market Harborough Fixers can be found every Saturday morning from 10am – 12.30pm. They’re at the Eco Village on St Mary’s Road (between Kwik Fit. and the lane leading to the Symington Recreation Ground, opposite St Mary’s Chippy). They have their own wooden cabin where volunteers repair electrical goods, computers, toys, sewing equipment, jewellery items – anything household or hand held really – and ask only for a donation to cover their costs.

They will help teach and encourage people to repair, reuse and recycle, thus saving local waste and CO₂. Rather than sending your used item to landfill and having to buy new, why not have it repaired. Explore what else the EcoVillage has to offer while you’re there.