Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

Kibworth Beachamp Parish Council

The Parish Council’s monthly public meeting was held on Tuesday 24 October in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Public Participation

8 people were present. A resident gave a presentation on the Belgian Telraam system for measuring multi-modal traffic data. Councillors felt that this proposal could be a positive first step to gather data and evidence to submit to LCC Highways. The Parish Council would have further discussions and consideration about the cost. This system might help with the council’s campaign to reduce speed and density of traffic in the village centre.

Other residents raised concerns about planning application 23/01441/FUL which was discussed under Planning.


It was resolved to co-opt Chris Keen and he signed the Acceptance of Office.

The minutes of the meeting on 26 September were approved.


All financial statements, reconciliations and payments were approved.

Chairman’s Report

It was agreed to pay £100 towards the £300 cost of a new direction sign to the Community Hub from High Street. £100 each had also been approved by the Library and Hall Trustees respectively.

Clerk’s Report

The Highways repairs to the High Street roundabout, planned to begin on 16th October, had been postponed due to staffing issues.


The Council agreed to object to the application for a new house on Gladstone Street (23/01441/FUL). It would increase the on-street parking problems and congestion as well. Furthermore, it was not compliant with H2 and T7 policies in the Neighbourhood Plan


Dr Feltham said the 12 week public consultation on closure of three Recycling sites, Market Harborough, Somerby and Shepshed would begin on 1st November. He had asked for a Risk Assessment of the A6 access due to increased traffic that would be using the Kibworth site.

No HDC report was provided.

Joint Recreation

Canvas is progressing with the Skatepark construction and are due to finish in December. The Deed of Easement from HDC to drain the Skatepark into the nearby balancing pond is still awaited.

Smeeton Road Rec Queen’s Walk – the 25 bare-rooted semi-mature trees are due to be planted in November.

Joint Burial Board

Quotes are being sought for the building of a detached garage at the cemetery, to provide workspace and storage for the Grounds Team.

Christmas Late Night Shopping Event

It was agreed to set a budget of £800 for Wednesday 6 December event. Help is needed to add lights to, and install, 45 trees along High Street on 3 December. Help is also required on the night for stewarding.

Youth Provision

Cllr Kiernan is due to meet with young people from the Primary School on 25th October and to introduce her proposals to the November meeting of KHPC.

Allotments Society

Councillors agreed that KHPC will take on the responsibility for the management and administration of the Lease. The Parish Manager and Cllr Feltham attended the Society Extraordinary General Meeting held on 22 October.

Midland Mainline Electrification

The temporary footbridge was opened for October half-term. The original road and pedestrian bridge has been demolished and should be re-opened in 2024.


It was agreed to adopt the proposed new Articles of Association.

Next Public Meetings

The next monthly public meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday 28 November and will be reported in due course. There is no parish council meeting in December.

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Maria Smith