Kibworth & Smeeton WI – March 2020

Kibworth & Smeeton Westerby WI

Healthy Feet

Our February speaker was Sue Adams, who spoke to us about Healthy Feet. Married to a farmer, she had been an Ofsted Inspector of daycare facilities, but decided to take a change of direction. Following a tough and intensive course she gained a BSc (Honours) in Podiatry. Setting up her own practice and working in the community. She began giving talks quite recently to help people because our feet are so important. Yet we often take them for granted until we have problems.

Diagnostic Tests

Sue uses diagnostic tests to assess patients, taking details about their general health, any problems, medication they take and so on. Alarm bells ring if a person cannot feel things with their feet – such as very hot water or treading on a sharp object – which could indicate diabetes. She showed us how she takes a pulse in two parts of the foot using a Doppler ultrasound gadget to aid diagnoses. A brave member volunteered. We were all glad to hear that she was alive and had a clear, healthy pulse!

Sue caused some grimacing when she discussed the causes and treatment of in-growing toe nails. She then amused us by hefting a skeleton leg and foot over her shoulder. She was demonstrating how ill-fitting shoes and tight socks can affect and distort feet. She passed around models of normal, flat and high-arched feet before discussing common problems, advice and treatment. We all found the talk and question and answer session very interesting and informative.


Our Skittles Team played two matches in February, winning both and enjoying meeting lovely ladies from other WIs. These were the last matches of the series, so we are now waiting to hear which WI team is the overall winner.

Crafting & Appeal for Yarn

Our crafty ladies have been preparing a display for the Coronation of King Charles III. Following that, we plan to do some more charity knitting or crochet. We will be creating knee blankets for elderly patients in LRI and liaising with a lady from the RVS there. We are appealing for donations of yarn to help us.

Next Meeting

Dr Tim Gray MBE will talk to us about The East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme on 13 April at 7.30pm in Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Pat Sharman