The vision – every school in the UK ‘a prayed-for school’

How it all started

The Schools Prayer Network (SPN) began when Michael Philip, a peripatetic music teacher, saw the power of prayer in school first hand. After experiencing vandalism at a school, one of the children in the Christian Union decided to pray about it. The vandalism stopped almost straight away. Michael felt that if prayer had this effect in one school, it could have similar effects in other schools. 

Now there are many such groups around the UK and a database for people to find their own local groups.

Your local group 

Our group has been going for several years now. We are parents, grandparents and others with links to the schools or just a wish to pray for our schools. We currently meet for an hour at The Kibworth CE Primary school on Mondays at 9am in term time by kind invitation. We’re here to support both our Kibworth Schools, using a confidential WhatsApp group for prayer requests as well as being guided by the school’s Newsletters. We treat all prayer requests with the strictest confidence, never naming people unless they request it. 

It is such a privilege to pray for the heads of the schools and their leadership teams, all the staff and for the children and young people.

Does it make a difference?

We believe so and would love you to join us. For more information or to send prayer requests contact

Liz Scott