The Daw Is Still Open

2023 is the 664th anniversary of a charter involving Robert Chapman of Kibworth Harcourt and Roger de Stanesby of Smeeton Westerby which is highly relevant to dating one of England’s oldest schools at Kibworth Beauchamp. 

The title of this note is not just a play on the names of the last two headteachers at School Road but an encouraging reminder that it continues, nearing seven centuries later, to be active as a community facility. 

Thus a gentle reminder to planners, consultants, designers, trustees and the property owners that improvements likely to be decided this year not only include clear acknowledgement of such an illustrious history but also maintain its high standards of over half a millennium. Happy is the school whose traditions are firmly rooted in past centuries, L.T.Daw (1957). Involved, interested parents provide a backbone of support, D. Still (1993).

Roger Garratt