Something new in Fleckney!

Qigong; an introduction for beginners

(Starting this January)

Benefits of Qigong

The soft rocking motions and smooth synchronised breathing gently stretch and release deep muscular contractions. This increases both flexibility and suppleness. As the body’s tissues soften, the joints release and open with the blood vessels and acupuncture channels opening allowing your life force (Qi) and blood circulation to flow more freely. Psychological and emotional tensions gradually dissolve. What remains is a wonderfully pleasurable sense of physical and emotional wellbeing. As well as a renewed sense of energy on multidimensional levels of being. This improves mental focus and clarity and enhances intuition and creativity.

Based on the philosophy and principles of Tai Chi it is in fact a ‘hybrid’ of Qigong postures. Qigong breathing and modified ‘Yang Style’ Tai Chi movements that have been choreographed into a smooth, continuously flowing sequence of 18 movements precisely synchronised with deep, relaxed abdominal (Dan Tien) breathing. This is why it is often called ‘Taichi Qigong’.

If you would like to try Qigong then you are welcome to join us in the Fleckney Sports Hall from Tuesday 10 January at 1.15pm (then every Tuesday). Please call Kerry to book your place on 07715 458 064.