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Self-care is NOT selfish.

Happy New Year to you all! I really hope 2023 is filled with good health, happiness and wonderful memories for you.

The beginning of a new year is often a time when we ‘get our house in order’ and we set goals (please see my smart goals blog ‘Discussing S.M.A.R.T. Goals  Kibworth Osteopaths & Pilates’.) But what about our physical house?

Sure we often set physical goals ,for example, “I want to start running” or “I would like to lose weight.” These are great and I am cheerleading you on towards achieving your goals, but don’t forget the rest of your ‘house’.

Sometimes I think we underrate and oversimplify self-care.

We live busy lives with commitments and schedules. But if we stop and think just for a moment about how much our physical body does for us daily ,without us telling it to, I think self-care and appreciation would skyrocket.

Our muscles move us, our heart keeps pumping, our organs are busy doing their individual jobs, the blood is busy delivering oxygen and messages via the hormones that it carries around, amongst many other roles, and our brain – well this amazing organ is constantly at work.

When we are out of balance in the body we will eventually feel it.

If we exercise without stretching (I see this all the time), our muscles will get too tight.

If we know we are stressed, this can manifest in the physical body, from headaches to breathing to name a few effects of stress.

Here are three things that I find really help both the physical and mental body.

  1. Stretching which is great for the body and the mind. When we stretch we literally say thank you to our muscles and joints for moving us about and facilitating what our brain asks us to do. We also stop and breathe deeply and allow the body, physical and mental, just to be, not do.
  2. Exercise too is great for the body and the mind. By now you know my mantra of ‘movement is medicine’. Going out for a walk seems so simple but it is great physical exercise as it challenges balance, works your muscles, loads your joints, and if you walk with pace, exercises your cardiovascular system.
  3. Joy by being with people who bring you joy. This is fantastic for the body and the mind due to endorphin release.

We understand the importance of the annual MOT for our cars. So why not MOT you? It always amazes me just how long people sadly put up with symptoms, accepting it is what it is.

If you know something is out of balance, in either your physical or mental house, reach out and realign the scales.

You may be pleasantly surprised that a bit of help sets you up for a year with more possibilities than you initially thought.

I guess my challenge to you this year is to put you first.

It isn’t selfish, it is self-care.

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Always happy to help you all,

Emily Coombes

Registered Osteopath