Double Outstanding

It’s a double outstanding for Kibworth for The Hunny Nurseries! The Hunny Bee in Kibworth Paget Street, is the sister setting to The Hunny Hive Smeeton Road. The Hunny Bee on Paget Street has joined in with celebrations as they were inspected in November and held on to their outstanding grading!

Two outstanding nurseries in Kibworth

The Bee was graded Outstanding back in 2017. So, the team are delighted to be awarded the grading again.  Having two outstanding nurseries within Kibworth is amazing for the families of the village.

The inspector identified that the children’s enthusiasm for learning is ignited by staff in such a safe and nurturing environment.

Positive attitudes to learning

Staff ask children questions to extend their vocabulary as early as the baby room by developing communication skills by using signs. Children have positive attitudes to learning, show high levels of engagement by persisting with tasks and being offered a rich range of activities.

The management team Laura Whittall, Senior Manager and Clair Gamble Nursery Manager have devised an excellent programme of professional development, which celebrates staff’s ability and allows growth.

The parents of the nursery are extremely happy and feel highly involved with the children’s learning.

Contact Clair for more information

The setting has availability for spaces so if you would like more information, please call Clair on (0116) 2796513.

Laura Whittall