Painting for Peace

Harvey Gardiner has recently painted a watercolour to send a message of support to Ukraine and raise funds for the Children of Ukraine’s Unicef Appeal. The just giving page launched this morning.

He says he is hoping to galvanise artists around the world to do the same and off the back of the campaign connect the children of Ukraine with other communities around the world to inspire the children to ‘paint for peace’.

A painting

Objectives on the just giving page are;

  • To raise money for the Children of Ukraine using Art.
  • To mobilise the broader Art World to support the children of Ukraine through similar initiatives.
  • To inspire and mobilise the children of Ukraine to engage with other children around the world, coming together through the use of art, to share positive ideas and unite their spirits in hope. ‘Painting for peace’

Harvey says; “I have designed an iconic watercolour painting to raise funds to support the children of Ukraine. ‘Fighting Back’ is created to inspire the people to victory and peace. It sends the message that positivity always wins. The winner of the painting will be drawn at random on Christmas Day. The funds will be used to help the children look forward to a brighter future in 2023.

“It is hoped that by using art to raise funds to support the children we can encourage other artists to support the campaign around the world. By raising awareness we can connect with and motivate the children of Ukraine to paint their messages, memories and thoughts.

“Communicating through art with other children in international communities, painting for peace and positivity by knowing that our support is behind them can inspire their world to be a better place.