Letter to the Editor, Nov ’22

Dear Sir

The Kibworth Hub costs

According to KBPC minutes and my questionable maths, costs of the exciting KGSH community project (upgrading some of the premises used for 57 years of Kibworth’s 700 years of education…1936 to 1993 under John Elliot, Leslie Daw and David Still) so far without a brick being moved, are beginning to mount; to which may be added an appointment to take over the architectural work of the project and agreement in principle to continue the involvement of another firm to act in “a soft management” capacity.

When, straight after WWII, local undertakers would fill in “quieter weeks” by building a few houses, our family funeral business (my father, uncles and grandfather) would forward plans to the then Town and Country planners and, having got permission, go ahead. But this 21st. century is the age of the “middle man”. Hence, is it not impossible that with funds yet to be allocated during the actual construction, of a similar amount and purpose to those already spent on “consulting”, we might see the “middle men” eventually receiving in the range of several figures?

Roger Garratt.