Illston-on-the-Hill WI

Illston- on-the-Hill WI welcomed Holly Norvill to our last meeting. She attempted to get us creative! We made beautiful coasters and plaques. Holly had brought all the gear with her, including flowers, leaves and bits of shrubs. We had to roll out some clay, select what picture we wanted to make, depress the bits into the clay, including some berries which came out beautifully. Then put a mould over our creations, pour on plaster of Paris, leave to dry, remove the outside mould and clay, seal off the disc and paint. What could be easier? Hope you are all still with me. You would be surprised how much of an issue some of us made!

However it was very therapeutic and at odd moments left the whole room in a lovely comfortable silence, although I must admit, not for long! The photograph shows a model awaiting painting and two completed ones. We were a bit short of paint so they do look a bit similar, although we can’t knock it as the paints were supplied by one of our grandchildren.

WI coasters
WI coasters

The whole evening was great fun. Holly had a sales’ table with some of her wonderful paintings and bird baths made from large leaves. She is so talented and really had a great deal of patience with us. Thank you Holly.

Our meeting ended with fabulous cake and tea. It wouldn’t be WI without it. Next month Angela from Kibworth Garden Centre is coming to host Gardeners’ Question Time, which should be interesting, especially as a lot of us can’t remember the names of the plants!

Jane Shute