Kibworth & Smeeton WI – December 2021 update

As 2021 drew to a close we felt very positive. The comments on our Christmas yarn bombing, in person or on social media, were gratifying and made it all worthwhile. People passing by even expressed regret that we were taking it down on 5 January. They had enjoyed the splash of colour. Some larger items didn’t make it outdoors because of fears that the bad weather would destroy them – but they’ll keep.

Our Christmas party was a success

We had an excellent turnout for our Christmas party on 9 December, which went very well. Usually members contribute to a superb buffet, but for our first party in two years, we exercised caution. Festive decorations adorned the tables and members were welcomed with a warming drink of mulled wine. Savoury and sweet Christmas treats were laid out on each table for the groups to enjoy. Members of the committee served wine and soft drinks through the evening.

Entertainment was provided by folk-singers Nigel and Teri

Our entertainment was a musical evening with Nigel and Teri, who sing contemporary songs and English and Irish folk songs. We all had the chance to join in a sing-along, too, which always goes down well. Nigel and Teri are a very versatile couple and play several instruments. Between songs, while they were tuning in appropriate instruments, they regaled us with anecdotes and jokes. Two favourites were about their caravan, named Pearl, and their tour of Irish pubs.

Some time ago, one of their sons asked if he could borrow Pearl to take her to various caravan sites and rallies. He decided she needed a makeover and decorated her interior in shades of pink and purple and flowers. After some time Nigel and Teri enquired as to the whereabouts of Pearl. Apparently another relative had taken a shine to her and asked to borrow her. Nigel jokingly asked us to let him know if we happened to spot this rather unique, well – loved caravan. After several adventurous months she was returned, a lot more colourful than when she left!

Nigel and Teri toured Ireland

On a tour of Ireland, the couple played in many a pub bar, a tradition thankfully still very much alive. One Friday evening in a Dublin pub, the ever-hospitable Irish kept buying them drinks while they were playing. Nigel pointed out that it’s impossible to drink a pint of ‘the black stuff’ while playing the accordion. Teri was delighted when he kept passing drinks over to her. Nigel also pointed out that, on a good night out in an Irish bar, it’s easy to lose count! As a result, Teri was to be seen happily paddling in a pond in a Dublin park way past midnight!

These stories and Nigel’s and Teri’s relaxed style created a lovely atmosphere, a great end to our WI year.
Our second meeting in 2022 will be on Thursday 10 February at 7.30 in the GSH.

Pat Sharman