Disabled Parking and Traffic Congestion

At the January Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council meeting there was a discussion about both parking issues and traffic congestion in the centre of the village that had been raised by a resident.

Non-Blue Badge parking

Firstly, the disabled parking bay, near the Kibworth House Chinese Takeaway, is more and more being used even if ‘only for a few minutes’ by non-Blue Badge holders.  The disabled parking space is clearly marked, although the writing is becoming faded, and is there for people with the most severe disabilities, blindness, or an inability to walk far.  To park in a disabled bay, the vehicle in question must display a valid disabled parking permit, or Blue Badge. 

Free Parking on School Road

There is a large free car park less than 200m away on School Road, so we continue to encourage drivers to use this car park if there are no free spaces on High Street.  In order to help those with disabilities and a Blue Badge, Cllr Feltham was asked to request whether a second disabled parking bay could be installed by County Council Highways at the eastern end of these parking spaces by the new opticians and LOROS shops. In addition, he has requested a disabled wheelchair logo is painted on the road too as an extra reminder for non-Blue Badge holders not to use it.

High Street Congestion

Secondly, some congestion at times on High Street is caused by deliveries to businesses on High Street.  Please be patient and let oncoming traffic pass.  There are no specified loading bays on High Street, so unless there are empty spaces the delivery drivers stop temporarily to offload their goods. 

Parking for Residents Only?

There have been calls by some people for time limited parking on High Street except for residents, and this may be necessary in the future, but for now please remember there is a large free car park less than 200m away on School Road.

Please be Patient

Finally, although there are other parking and congestion hot spots, such as on Station Street, that need further consideration, we are being encouraged nationally to walk and cycle more, so please consider leaving your car at home if you can. Also, the proverb that patience is a virtue is worth considering especially if more of us can wait just a few seconds to help ease traffic problems in our village.

Andrew Munro and Kevin Feltham