Illston-on-the-Hill WI – January 22

We amalgamated this with our Christmas party. As a change and because it was a special occasion, we ‘bought in’ our supper from a company in Market Harborough.

We had a wonderful choice, all the meals were delivered hot and we all managed to sit down together to enjoy them. They were delicious and were accompanied with wine and soft drinks, followed by some scrummy sweets and coffee.

The room and tables were beautifully decorated and during the meal we had a little light entertainment with poems, amusing readings and a wonderful sketch written by Rhena. We all received an engraved pen so we all have a keepsake.

100th Birthday Fun!

Jane A. made a lovely 100th birthday cake – funny how we all managed to find just that final bit of room!! The committee worked hard to arrange this occasion and we were rewarded with some lovely comments, cards, emails etc. from the members.

We now look forward to a new start in 2022 and wish all your readers a happy new year.

Jane Shute